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Ecological restoration at scale

Asset 32.png's goal is to restore one million hectares of tropical ecosystems in Brazil, fostering biodiversity. The forecast is to capture 15 million tons of CO2/year, in addition to sustainably harvesting planted native wood.

Âncora 1 aims to generate positive social impact on multiple fronts,
ensuring local support for long-term sustainability.

Jobs and income

A capacity-building program that prioritizes local hiring in the communities where projects are implemented.


This includes tree nurseries, implementation and maintenance of restoration, wood processing and monitoring.



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Partnerships with local communities are key to making land available and supporting sustainable production of non-timber forest and agroforestry goods in the areas undergoing restoration. 


co-production of agro and forest products 

Forest products

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We engage local communities surrounding restoration areas to help man the brigades for monitoring and fire prevention.



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Environmental education and research 

Partnerships with research institutions and local schools focus on developing, research, environmental education and technical capacity building courses related to restoration and

the forest economy.



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