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Proprietary technology

Data-driven selection of target areas, followed by land assessment of properties.

Integrated portfolio optimization considering restoration models, cost-benefit, and risk profiles of selected areas.

Multiple strategies centered on restoring tropical ecosystems taking into account terrain and environment specificities.

Unique Talent

Unparalleled blend of leading scientists in the fields of Restoration & Forestry and Private Equity investors with a proven track record of superior returns across a variety of economic cycles.


Pioneering achievements in customized restoration lead to significant gains in scale across key areas: land acquisition, restoration expertise and operational efficiencies.

Âncora 1’s proprietary tools optimize our land portfolio and the selection of restoration models

Data-driven selection of target regions’s own technology identifies detailed priority

areas based on key metrics

for financial return and impact.


Individual farms in priority areas and with pre-defined characteristics are identified primarily through land procurement companies.

Analysis of
pre-selected farms

Intelligence modelling, technical assessment of restoration potential, and financial analysis.

Negotiation of selected properties

After agreement on commercial conditions with land-owners, we have a rigid due diligence process and approval governance before finalizing the acquisition.

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Decades-long experience, cutting-edge techniques and technology, and extensive networks of partners help deliver high-quality restoration at large scale

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