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Restoring nature for people and planet

Restoring 1 million hectares
Capturing 15 million tons of CO2/year
Returning forests to society as Conservation Units

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Science, technology, experience and scale is an innovation-driven company involved in large-scale restoration of tropical rainforests, which will be made available to society as Conservation Units. It contributes to the mitigation of climate change effects, conservation and recovery of biodiversity, promoting the new carbon credits market.

It relies upon leading scientists in the areas of spatial modeling and optimization, ecological restoration, forestry, carbon sequestration and others, as well as managers with extensive experience and renowned investors, with a proven track record of good return rates.


Unique tools optimize area selection for our ecological restoration portfolio

Decades-long experience in ecological restoration methodologies and techniques, coupled with cutting-edge technology, will make it possible to select the appropriate restoration models for each situation, providing high quality on a large scale.


Our markets


High-quality carbon offset credits


High-quality certified native wood obtained from ecological restoration

Unmatched blend
of ecological restoration scientists
with seasoned managers and investors

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